At Ruff “N” Tuff Bulldogs our first priority is to raise strong, healthy and happy Olde English Bulldogges. Our second priority is to find great homes for our puppies.

A little information about ourselves, we have three children; which means our Bullies are around children from day one. We live in Choctaw, Oklahoma on two acres, Choctaw is 25 minutes East of Oklahoma City. We have raised and trained Labrador Retrievers in the past, but we absolutely fell in love with Ethel (A.K.A Bodybuilder’s Nutmeg) and now we have a new addition Lucy (A.K.A Bodybuilder’s Lucy).

What our family has found out is that Olde English Bulldogges may look Ruff “N” Tuff and ready-to-rumble, but in reality they are sweet and gentle dogs with eager-to-please attitudes. They are very responsive to commands and exceedingly loyal to their families and are great with children and are naturally very protective of them.

So if you are looking at adding a new addition to your family then please feel free to contact us.

                      Our puppies are loved